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“I believe that there is power in community, in Gathering around a table of delicious food and even better conversation. Gather The Village dinners are anything but on the surface, they are deep, and meaningful. They’re meant for you to build your village, literally! We help you skip past what stops so many of us from finding the community we need to thrive.

There is ALWAYS someone seated at the table who needs your words, just as much as someone else needs yours— so we share with one another, and I mean REALLY share, because being honest is powerful. There is a solidarity that happens, every, single, time, a tangible shift that silently knits us all together, creating, your Village.

A gal once told me that she was afraid to come to a dinner, for fear of not fitting in, or being dressed right, or “liked” enough. Let me tell you, you’ll never find that here, not at my table.

Come just as you are.

There is a whole lotta laughter, and “yes! I’ve been there”, and women rocking other women’s babies— there are healing tears, and hands gently rested on the backs of friends who were strangers, not a moment before.

The “take a deep breath, everything’s going to be alright”, feeling that is left after we Gather The Village is hard to explain, but one thing I know, these dinners? They are needed,

because let’s be truly does take a Village.”


Krystal Donovan-Festerly


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2019 Lineup

Gather The Village + Babies in Bloom


San Diego CA

DATE- July 13th

TIME-  5:30PM


HOSTED BY: Babies in Bloom

Gather The Village with Babies in Bloom, a stunning boutique where I personally began my motherhood journey over six years ago. Babies in Bloom passion is to guide you through the most magical and exciting time of your life. From pregnancy to birth and beyond, they help provide you with the experience that YOU’VE always dreamed of. Together we are bringing you a night you wont soon forget filled with new friends and old, as we Gather to eat, share, and to be heard, because let’s be honest… It Takes A Village.


5:30pm - Cocktail Hour: Make sure to join us for a special Mix & Mingle with the most fabulous hand made cocktails.

6:30pm - Dinner: Enjoy a delicious curated meal while taking part in an intentional conversation lead by Krystal Donovan-Festerly, The Village Founder. Sit and stay a while, chat until your heart is content, and leave with your cup full and maybe with a few friends in tow.

Come and build your Village!

...we would never let you leave without a little somethin something to commemorate the night!

Please note: Event tickets are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend, you're welcome to gift or sell your ticket to a friend, who can attend in your place.

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Take it from them…


"I hugged my boy a bit tighter this morning; thanking him. He did; in a way birth me into motherhood. Into this secret club of ladies who have it all. And by all; I mean this ability to bring the most intense, intimate, bonded, nourishing kind of love to the world. It starts with our children, but that love spreads far and wide, even to those we never imagined loving. Last night was invigorating and filled our souls to the brim. We shared our favorite nursing stories, and talked about the expansion of who we've become; because of motherhood. We passed delectable food around the most beautiful table. We celebrated ourselves and each other through laughs and wine and kind words. This journey is all our own. And however we get there is all our own. But damn, to have a village; to have women surround you with that fiery, unconditional love; just makes this adventure that much more beautiful."


"We gathered around a table full of yummy food, tasty beverages and even better conversation. Today we gathered as a village of mamas, free of fear, free of judgement and just full of love. What made today special was not the pretty flowers, yummy food, or beautiful china, but what brought all those beautiful details together - our village. My lovely friend, @rivired lending us her grandmothers china that she saved for being a secretary and ordered a piece from a catalog each time she received a pay check; my mother sending me the crocheted table cloth her mother hand made; my other lovely friend @tatalienarski baking some super yummy muffins even though she's in school full time along with being an amazing mama; the endless texts to ask opinions on the details, what about this and what about that; Rivi baking the best quiches; and all of the mamas being willing to be vulnerable and gather with other mamas they didn't necessarily know. There's that saying that we are more connected than ever yet lonelier than ever. Today we broke that mold. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we laughed some more and we connected as mamas, as women, and as a community. I sat there and my heart was full. I found my village." 


"Last night I had the magical experience of attending the Portland location of #gatherthevillage (by @thevillagemagazine.) It was an intimate gathering, not simply by the smallness of the attendance list but by the openness of the hearts and the depth of what was shared. I sat around a table with women who wanted more than #authenticity as a buzzword to sell cute coffee mugs and journals but craved the messy, beautiful brokenness of real intimacy with those who walk the journey alongside us. And in between the candles and the cheese course and the glasses of wine there were the real bread and butter of this event: the words of solidarity, the tears, and the sharing of souls who had only just met but who's hearts already echoed that familiarity, that cry of "yes, I see myself in you, you're not alone." It's not a night I'm likely to forget I was so enraptured by the evening that I never took photos, which is such a rarity for me." 



"My Village!  Saturdays Gathering was awesome! A group of women from different walks of life and backgrounds united around a table with such a strong bond, a bond of Motherhood. I am so grateful to all the women who came from all over the UK and London and made the evening a success. The food was fabulous and the company was even better. It was so nice to hear your stories of pregnancy, motherhood and life! Honestly, it was too short and I'm already looking forward to the next one. Thank you @thevillagemagazine for this awesome platform and for the opportunity to host and bond with fellow mothers all over the globe." 



"Tonight was AWESOME!! We laughed, we cried, we shared our hearts, we ate, we talked about our goals and the common theme when asked, " What does the village mean to you?" Sisterhood If you haven't already signed up for a gathering near you, do yourself a favor and go! There's nothing better than being around moms who love their kids and just get it." 



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I would absolutely love to Gather your Village, whether that's for a Dinner, a brunch, a yoga class, you name it I’m game. There’s nothing that I love more than Gathering a group full of strangers for good food and even better conversation only to watch them leave as friends,


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