Gather The Village

“I believe that there is power in community, in Gathering around a table of delicious food and even better conversation. Gather The Village dinners are anything but on the surface, they are deep, and meaningful. They’re meant for you to build your village, literally! We help you skip past what stops so many of us from finding the community we need to thrive.

There is ALWAYS someone seated at the table who needs your words, just as much as someone else needs yours— so we share with one another, and I mean REALLY share, because being honest is powerful. There is a solidarity that happens, every, single, time, a tangible shift that silently knits us all together, creating, your Village.

A gal once told me that she was afraid to come to a dinner, for fear of not fitting in, or being dressed right, or “liked” enough. Let me tell you, you’ll never find that here, not at my table.

Come just as you are.

There is a whole lotta laughter, and “yes! I’ve been there”, and women rocking other women’s babies— there are healing tears, and hands gently rested on the backs of friends who were strangers, not a moment before.

The “take a deep breath, everything’s going to be alright”, feeling that is left after we Gather The Village is hard to explain, but one thing I know, these dinners? They are needed,

because let’s be truly does take a Village.”


Krystal Donovan-Festerly