Meet Our Team

KRYSTAL FESTERLY Founder • Editor In Chief

Hello! My name is Krystal, mama of three little ladies, wife, lover, photographer, adrenaline junkie, and jewelry hoarder, striving to find beauty in the everyday.

All my life I’ve searched for sisterhood, connections that span time, my village.

After becoming a mother I needed it more than ever, a place to release, to cry, to laugh, to gather advice, to listen, to learn, to love. I needed women who have been there done that, women who have given life, women who have a story to tell, women to stand with, women who could look straight through me and without words understand, I needed mothers. My village, it might not look like what I thought it would, it might not be typical, but it’s mine, it’s here, I can feel it, expanding growing, surrounding me with light and love.

I started this magazine to connect, support, and inspire mothers everywhere, to do my part in bringing back sisterhood, to bring back, The Village.


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ANNA LAERO Creative Director

Who she is: Mama of two boys, photographer, and writer

Her favorite thing about motherhood: motherhood has stripped me entirely of everything I thought I knew about anything. Its turned me over into the person I never knew but desperately wanted to be. It turned down the covers of the life I had before children and has shown me how to listen and to love purely in its most absolute and truest form. It has allowed me to create bonds with women over mountains and oceans that I didn't know could exist. I stepped into motherhood with my eyes covered by my hands for fear and the loneliness And isolation I knew my mother and grandmother had. Slowly I've allowed myself to lift my head and hear the voices of thousands of other mothers, fathers, and families calling out with open hearts"we are here too. You aren't alone. We can do this together." I walked through fields and forests and finally-finally found my village.

Things I fancy: slow living and singing nonsensical songs with my sweet boys while jazz records play. Baby wearing and gardening. Writing and strong coffee. Constantly learning anything and everything. Observing simplicity. 

The Village is: a beautiful safe haven where we can bare our hearts and be uplifted and lift one another. A place where we can sit down or lean against the kitchen counter and have our coffee even for a few short seconds while listening or speaking with kindred souls from every corner of the world.




I’m Lindsay.... professionally - photographer, doula and birth activist... personally - nomad, mother and aspiring future novelist.

Things I fancy: the great outdoors, books, writing, playing polo, fabulous wine, traveling, mountains, horses, cappuccinos, babies, rainy days & snow storms, pick-up trucks, big cities, live music and dancing. I have two little girls, ages 4 and almost 2 years old, a Thoroughbred mare and an insanely crazy bird dog. 

Thoughts: motherhood was not something I ever wanted to be a part of and certainly not something I planned. At all. However, I believe that is the only way it would have ever happened! Pregnancy and birth gave me a confidence and a strength I had no idea existed nor was aware I possessed. This journey over the past four years has taught me more than anything else in my life. More than anything, I’ve learned women need women while navigating motherhood. None of us can do this alone. We truly need a village. And that is precisely why this magazine came to be...because we all need a village. Where one does not exist, you create one! 

The Village is: a peaceful haven in a fast and busy world where women can slow down, take a time out, connect and support one another in order to return to our families feeling deeply rooted in ourselves as women and our roles in motherhood, relationships and work. 

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Lillie Duncan | Writer+Community Builder

I have two children, Rosalie who is 5 years old, and Elias who is 3 years old. When I am not busy being a mother, business owner (my husband and I own a Holistic Functional  Medicine Practice), photographer, or writer you can find me on the Oregon coast with a book in hand.

The Village is… the essence of community, a place to be seen and known full for who you are in a way where there is only grace, compassion, and unconditional love. 

I am deeply empathetic and intuitive by nature. I have been aware of both of these gifts since I was a small child. It was the tragic death of my brother a few years ago that brought my gifts into their full light.

I am obsessed with all things psychology, emotional intelligence, enneagram, strength finders, and Meyers Briggs. ( I am a 4 and an INFJ, in case you were curious.)
I started reading Walt Whitman when I was a small child. His work influenced and shaped me in so many ways. I have been writing poetry ever since but just recently starting pushing it to the world.

Our family goal is to be in an air-stream in the next year. I teach Pilates, Barre, and soon to finish up my Yoga therapy training!