Digital Issue No.1 'Change'

Digital Issue No.1 'Change'


The Village, everywhere you are!

Dedicated to Bringing Back The Village™, love and support to your everyday. Finally, a magazine that celebrates honest motherhood.

• 120 pages of beautiful honest motherhood, from mothers across the globe.

• A collection of touching stories, uplifting essays, poems and original photography.


This issue is a collaborative project from our team in San Diego, and our large community of contributors from all around the world.

• You will find delicious recipes to spice up your kitchen, along with impeccable cocktails to wind down with after the children fall asleep.

• There are tips from creative types who’ve succeeded at starting their own businesses while continually molding to an ever changing life.

• Essays touching upon the subtle and deep transformation of a mothers body, and sisterhood, satires that are sure to make your sides split and Poems that are sure to make your heart melt.

• We seek knowledge from everyday mothers that you can relate to. You might even find your own image and words of wisdom shared in our community section in the back.

• You will find the delicious recipes we enjoyed from the esteemed chef Brittany Galloway as well.

Excerpt from The Letter From The Editor:

''Every turning leaf brings a new batch of emotion, every cry, every growth spurt, every tooth, every lock of hair, every sweet curve of their skin, pulls at you, tugging at the seams, seeping it's way into your bones. It's hard, it's sweet it's miraculous. This season of life, the one surrounded by your children, love incarnate, is the coldest winter, the hottest summer, the most beautiful spring, a blindingly stunning autumn. You weep, for happiness, for sorrow, for love, for time, more time to be here in this place, where the days are long and the nights are longer. Where the house will never be as clean as it once was... Where sleep is foreign... Where messes are made... Where laughter fills the halls... Where tears flow freely... Where moments are precious and love reigns."

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