Honest Storytelling

The Village Magazine

The Village Magazine celebrates life in all of its facets; it’s a unique magazine that shares the beautiful and honest truth about life, motherhood, parenting, and everything in-between. You’ll find no highly photoshopped images portraying unrealistic expectations. We do not overly use ads that further promote the ‘keeping up with the jones mentality’. What you will find is a carefully curated magazine that leaves you feeling joyful, inspired, and not so alone in the world. Our goal here is to bridge the gaps between us, and bring back The Village.




A Look Inside The Magazine



The older I get, the more I realize how little I know about life, it’s struggles, the continued self-discovery, and the lessons they’re never ending. We often think that whatever we are going through in life is unique to us, and we forget that there’s nothing in this world that hasn’t been done before, and equally there is nothing we cannot triumph over. We want the stories in The Village to leave you feeling a little less alone in this life, that’s why we share real and relatable content with you in mind.


Story Telling

There is nothing quite like sitting down with someone and having the best conversation ever. The simple act of listening to one another, laughing, learning, crying, relating, it’s in these seemingly simple moments that we grow, they have ability to stick with us for a lifetime. I feel like we’ve lost that along the way, especially with those outside of our immediate circle. That’s why I dedicate my time to make sure that The Village will leave you feeling whole again.


The Art of Living

Living life to the fullest is so incredibly important, the day to day can quickly become mundane if we don’t choose to truly live in each moment. Whether that’s taking a deep breath and slowing down to enjoy the scenery, or baking a cake, or going on an adventure, or taking the time for yourself. The Village Magazine is filled with thoughtful recipes, just as if a dear friend came over and handed you a recipe, declaring, “you gotta try this!”; along with tips & tricks to make your life easier.


The Village is You

I love sharing stories and all types of amazing content from people just like you from all over the world. Do you have a story you’d like to tell? Is there a recipe you’d love to share? Is there a poem you’ve written? Would you like to share with this beautiful community that we have so lovingly built over the years? Follow the links below to submit your writing, photography, recipes, D.I.Y’s and more. We are always looking for new content and would absolutely love to share yours.