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A look at; Honey & Sage Co.

Why did you start Honey & Sage Co.?

Sarah: Nova started this company in 2015, and I’ll let her expound  on the origins. I joined her in the spring of 2016, after the birth of my second daughter. I dove in knowing that being a part of this team would enrich my life and my soul in ways no other job could. This is more than making products and selling them. This is an exchange of energy, a continuous exploration of what it is to be a woman in this society and this earth, and how to be the best version of ourselves so we can help women all over remember that if they put themselves first, if they love themselves and care for themselves as much as they do the rest of the people in their lives, that this planet can only improve.

Nova: I was a midwifery apprentice and came to a point in my experience where I felt extreme burnout and stress. I also had been seeing the same thing in the clients I was serving in clinic and I realized that I needed to shift my intentions, at least momentarily, to allow me more space and time to be with my boys instead of always running out of the house to be with someone else's family. I basically started midwifery in my first postpartum period, had my second son, and then continued through another year of postpartum before a tight, pinch in my chest area was starting to concern me. I needed to mother myself. 

Who is it meant for?

Sarah: It’s funny - just the other day we were talking about our target demographic, and Nova said to me, “It’s you.” So I think going from that I can say that to me, our target buyer is a woman who is in a constant state of self discovery and understanding. It’s the mom who has like three things in her whole world that are just for her, who crashes into her couch at the end of each day and realizes this is the first moment of stillness she’s had that day. It’s the woman who never really learned self-care, who is beginning to understand that being a martyr to her family does nobody any good, that if her cup is empty she’s got nothing to give and she can’t be her best self for anyone. It’s the woman whose spirituality is fluid and expansive, who intends to seek to fill her soul until her last breath. It’s also for the woman who likes pretty things and doing her own thing - the woman who enjoys loving on herself and receiving gifts and supporting her sisters. It’s for the woman who wants to support a small business, one she knows gives back, so she can feel good about her purchase while being well with herself. 

Nova: It's meant for all women doing their good, earnest work, but really it was born as a way to honor and remind mothers that martyrdom just doesn't cut it. We have to acknowledge our own divinity, too, the way we do when we take care of our children, family and friends. 

Why is self care so important?

Nova: Because life is relentless and developing a practice of self-compassion through self-care is very counter to what many of us grew up with...I don't believe in the "because it's always been this way" thought process. I'd like to think, generally speaking, that we can evolve as humans, women, mothers to take care of ourselves whilst taking care of others. Actions are mirrored, right? So instead of emitting stress and adrenal fatigue, I'd prefer to practice grace. It's an incredibly easy concept that is incredibly difficult to practice in our current culture.

Sarah: Self care is an act perseverance, the only way to get ahead. In a generation that glorifies ‘the hustle,’ in a time where being a good human means putting so much of your energy into your work and those you love, and speaking for the voiceless, it becomes terrifyingly easy to run on empty. So many of us find ourselves going through the motions, perhaps even becoming resentful of the things we love, those we fight for, because we pour and pour and pour and at the end of the day we feel theres not being a drop poured into ourselves. If every woman was taught from childhood that she is a goddess, that her body is a temple, that her soul is worthy of care and respect, can you imagine the world we would live in? So many of us have to go through hell and back to find our truth and our worth, when it should’ve been inside us all along. Self care is important because when we care for our own temple, when we honor ourselves as is due, we become the goddess we were meant to be and we can work our magic on the world. 

How do you guys come up with new products?

Sarah: It started, I think, with creating products for our subscription box, and Nova would develop recipes based on her work as an apprentice midwife and aspiring naturopath. As we’ve developed our apothecary line, we continue to go with the themes of each month’s box and find the missing pieces. Lately, too, we’ve listened to our buyers. We’ve been doing markets over the last few months, and the women (and men, honestly) who come by our table always seem intrigued. They ask for oils that help with anxiety, or a spray for nausea, or a mala bracelet for anger management. We are meeting our people where they’re in need, and we want to fill their cup by filling their needs. We do research on herbs, on crystals, on the healing properties and nourishing abilities of the products we use, and we apply them to best fit into what self care might look like.

Nova: We take feedback and requests into consideration, but mostly products are created based on what I like and use in my own home. I decided from the beginning that I curate the Sage Woman Care Package for myself...and now I'm doing the same for our Honey & Sage Apothecary.

Which product is your favorite?

Nova: I have two right now. I really love the Nourish-Mint tea and our Cleansing Grains which leave my face feeling really soft.

Sarah: My favorite to MAKE is the mala bracelets - I’ve only just gotten into crystals and stones and their properties, and piecing together things that could help someone’s spirit find peace, or help create confidence, or instill patience - it’s powerful to know you can put someone’s spirit in their own hands simply by choosing some pieces of stone from the earth and putting them in their hand.

My favorite to USE so far have been the Cleansing Grains. I’d never really done masks before this year, and I’ve really begun to find a deep love for slathering mud on my face and letting it get crusty and scrubbing it off and seeing my skin bright and glowing. It’s like instant gratification self care. 

Where do you see Honey & Sage Co. in the future?

Nova: I see our Apothecary really expanding and having a presence in retail locations. I also envision more community events, that's really been a fundamental part of our growth. The Sage Woman community is beautiful. 

Sarah: The big picture, right now - we want Honey & Sage to represent self-care in as many incarnations as possible. That means putting our product in shops all over, products women can feel good about using and which make them feel good in turn. There’s also the pursuit of the spiritual component - empowering women has always been front and center.

Where can we buy it?

Nova: You can find our goods on our website: We are ALMOST done with a new website which will feature our new Honey & Sage Apothecary. You can also find us on some weekends at the Dallas Farmer's Market or at the Boho Market events. 

Any fun and exciting news you'd like to share?

Nova: We've got a really great collaboration with T&C Floral Company for Mother's Day this year and we'll be featuring this beautiful preserved rose in a vase to be included in our Sage Woman Care Packages and for individual sale. I think women will really be delighted with their care packages.


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