Heather Collins

Who she is: Hey there! I'm Heather, the mother of two sweet-as-honey adorable boys. I'm a lover of paint, a spirited traveler, and an enthusiast of homesteading, knitting and yoga. I'm a free-thinking, tea-drinking, fierce-loving mama on a journey all my own.

Tell us a little about about your role for The Village: I am the Chief Operations Officer here at The Village Magazine. I provide the leadership, organization, and vision necessary to guarantee that our company has the appropriate tools and procedures in place to ensure efficiency on all levels. In detail I help oversee the function of our social media channels. I also supervise start-up projects and manage deadline tasks for all future events and ventures. Finally, I have the ability to be creative when coming up with new tactics to better the function of how we display ourselves to the world. 

What is your favorite thing about Motherhood? I think what I love the most about motherhood is how little I actually know about it, and how much it surprises me. One day I wake up thinking “hmm I’ve got this!” and then the world just says “nope Heather, NOT today.” There are also days where I feel like I’m on top of the world because I get to wake up next to my two sweet children. I get nonstop smiles, endless kisses and the ability to be with them moment by moment, that is what makes me the happiest. I cherish the ability to work with a company I love so much from the comfort of my own home. This career path has given me the opportunity to step away and be creative, motivated, and inspired. I hope that through my work with The Village I will be able to create life long friendships, help move this community and really learn about the messy and beautiful parts of motherhood.

Things I fancy: Painting, knitting, cross word puzzles, mountain trails, hot tea, gardening, chicken raising, belly laughter, baby kisses, traveling, crafting, the ocean, self-sustainability, baby wearing, lightning storms, drawing, Harry Potter, and sour beer.

The Village is: the whole essence of what this community stands for. It means there is always someone there to celebrate the milestones, to comfort the sadness, to protect the children (even if they don’t belong to them,) to dance it out, to build up, to lend a hand, to seek an opinion, to fight for kindness, to encourage laughter and to be the walls that help hold up the days that seems so terrifying.