Behind The Slings with Sakurabloom

How did you find your village when you first became a mother?

"I can’t say that I actually did find my Village when I first became a mother. I found myself thrown into a unfamiliar world of loneliness, somewhere between old friends who didn't quite understand my new life and a longing for friends/mothers, who just “got it”. Motherhood in all its glory can leave you feeling utterly alone..."

We had the ultimate pleasure of being interviewed for Sakura Blooms behind the slings. If you've ever wondered who we are and how we do what we do, CLICK HERE to find out! Their stunning new collection Theory came along for the ride too and it's just pure magic!

Motherhood set me on the journey I'm on now, but Sakura Blooms Sling Diaries helped me find my voice. Some of you may know Lynne, and some of you may not. She is the amazing creator, mama, and brilliant women behind this stunning brand.

After the Diaries ended there was a void left, and the only way I could fill it was to continue writing, continue building, and it eventually lead me to create The Village.

So I just wanted to thank you Lynne, not only did you help spark this fire. You also gave me this beautiful piece of material that will soon carry my third child, just as it carried my two daughters before her. You've built a business that not only brings mothers together, but one that creates a truly beautiful product, a product that holds the memories of our children within its fibers.

A product that all too soon will be one of my only reminders of the days I carried them with me.

A product that one day, God willing, I'll have the privilege of passing on to my sweet girls.

Krystal Festerly (Editor-in-Cheif)

Shop Theory by Sakura Bloom by clicking the image above.

Shop Theory by Sakura Bloom by clicking the image above.