'Raise Good Humans'

'Raise good humans'...it's easier said than done don't you think? I mean, there are endless books on parenting, dozens of parenting styles, to co-sleep or not to co-sleep, to breastfeed or bottle feed, Montessori style learning, or structured schooling. Our options are endless--but what really matters? What truly impacts our children into becoming what all parents hope for them to become, "good humans". It's us, simple as that. Everyday we make a choice that affects our children in a positive or negative way, how we treat our spouse, how we treat strangers, and better yet, how we treat ourselves. There are little eyes and ears watching and listening to our every move. So what do we do? Do we pick apart ourselves as we gaze at our newly changed bodies in the mirror? Or do we celebrate and honor the marvelous feat that our bodies have achieved. Do we yell at the complete stranger who cut us off on the freeway? Or do we bite our tongues and turn the other cheek, showing that person a bit of grace. Do we shout at our spouses for not knowing where the kids stuff is...again? Or do we communicate and dig deep as we find the patience to show them once more.

Let's face it, we're all human, we'll make mistakes, we'll fail and fall, losing our patients along the way, but forgiveness is key and tomorrow's a new day, another chance to rock this parenting gig. 
So how do we raise good humans? I think the answer is, that you have to be a good human to raise a good human.

Written By- Krystal Donovan | Founder & Editor In Chief

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