Move: Core + Walk

It was so great to have our first Move event sell out and be such a hit in the community!

This past Thursday we gathered together with strollers, scooters, babes and carriers at Choice Juice in downtown Carlsbad for our first of 6 workouts.

About 20 mamas with their littles in tow were able to enjoy some delicious cold pressed coffee, brownies, banana bread and chocolate milk compliments of Choice Juicery. Snacking and playing ensued while everyone had a chance to connect and introduce themselves to each other. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and to meet some lovely new ones as well. We chose Choice Juicery because it’s the perfect child friendly spot-- mostly fenced in, tons of space to run around and even a chalk board wall to draw on. We were able to relax and nosh knowing the kids were having a great time entertaining each other.

Nastasha, owner of Choice shared a bit about her company. She is a single mom of two whose managed to create an amazing business while raising children. Hearing her speak about how much thought and love goes into each and everything they make was a refreshing in an industry where health isn't necessarily the focus. The Choice way is plant based, gluten free and dairy free….and for those of you who don’t make that your standard way of eating, you would seriously never even notice. They really set themselves apart by going the extra mile in their prep as well. All of their almonds are soaked, which breaks the down phytic acid in the nut allowing the body to absorb the nutrients. 

[*Phytic acid binds to minerals in your gut such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and more. When those minerals are stuck to that phytic acid your body can’t absorb them! And we need them! That’s why we are eating in the first place! Doesn’t that sound horrible…phytic acid actually acts as an anti nutrient! This is the reason behind soaking nuts, grains and legumes.]

The walk was just gorgeous. We even saw some California grey whales! We worked up a sweat and had some great conversations. It was so nice to get out in the sunshine and connect with other local moms. It’s a sanity saver on many levels. I can’t wait to see some more of these lovely ladies and meet even new ones next week at our circuit training workout! 

Written By- Rachel Harris

Sponsored by Choice Juice + Ingrid & Isabel + Orbit Baby + Ergo Baby + Micro Scooter

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