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Dear my little Harper bean,

It's your mama. I hope one day you read this and take to heart everything I thought I needed to tell you at five months old about being a brave boy. And I don't mean the kind of brave who does things that others don't want to do, or things that might seem scary or larger than life- I mean the type of bravery that truly sucks you apart from everybody else in being OK to fail when you're afraid you might not make it- or that something might not turn out well, or that someone might look down on your choices. Be brave enough to go against it. Be brave enough to want to try and attempt and then fail and fail miserably and fail fabulously and get back up and do it again whether that second, third, fourth, fifth time brings you to that end result you're looking for or not. Learn from it all. 

Do not be afraid to fall face first- taste the dirt while you're there then pick the next trail when you're up again. Don't fear losing- cheer on the winners then join them at the top later. Do not be afraid to mess up. In fact- mess things up on purpose and learn. 

As your mama I'll be there to try and guide you through what you think you cannot manage, although I know your potential. Don't get discouraged when I don't run to your side to pick you up in an instance- my eyes will have always been on you to keep you safe- but you, brave boy, can overcome these little trips in life. Stand up tall, be gracious and thankful, lead with your actions, give mama hugs, learn from failures, take on the world. You can do it all. 
And though it might not all work out sometimes, keep on going and search for what will. 

Regardless- I will be proud of you. I will always cheer for your accomplishments and failures- I know your potential. 

Forever your mama.

 Village Journalist,


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