Dusk Promises Stillness



It's funny how day to day nothing seems to change, but when you look back everything is different. Like hot days that melt into fall, leaving you with summer lust, longing for sticky skin and a cool night breeze. You look at your reflection, slowly changing with the seasons. Circles have made their home just under your tired soft eyes, likely from the nights tending to little hearts reaching for closeness. Wrinkles appear, reminding you of every smile, every laugh, every frown. Spots lay lightly, just barely visible, enough to tell stories of youthful adventures. Your skin, tender and supple, stretched by love and life. Your body, worn and fragile, it's shape molded into that of a mother. And as you look, you finally see it. You see yourself, just as you should. Imperfect and permanently flawed. And beautiful. So beautiful. You see, we're not meant to end our journey safely and pretty, without scars. We're meant to slide in used up and worn out and completely unsound. To know in our bones that we gave it our all. That we soaked up all the life we possible could only to pour it all back out. It would be a shame to go through life unbalanced, always searching. To be but a piece of yourself while the rest lies dormant. Just waiting. It takes wisdom to love yourself. To really love yourself. It takes knowing that you'll endure changes, and being open and raw to them all. It takes being broken and knowing how to mend yourself. To leave what is in your past for the promise and hope of what may be. And one day, you'll know. Just as the dusk promises stillness, your heart will provide peace. And your body that gave life and nourishment, will provide dignity and adoration. You'll see yourself. You'll really see yourself. And you'll say, 'my god, there you are.' 

Village Journalist,


Krystal DonovanComment