The Sweetness

When I think of bravery, my mind floods with images and stories I’ve read of people conquering their fears, overcoming great, seemingly unsurmountable odds and living to tell their story.

Webster defines Bravery as: Courageous behavior or character.

Oh my, that definition- those words pull me in and make me look at my life at this stage, at first glance I’m unsure my life would be considered brave. I don’t often find myself digging up “courageous behavior”  The landscape of my days rarely changes, frankly I think you could describe it at times as monotony, or simply the -sacred mundane- as I like to call it. As I proudly wear the badge of MOTHERHOOD. 

I sift through my day- even just today, all the training, the discipline, the repetition, the mediating, it goes round and round. It looks wild and untamed. At times, it’s the bite your lip so those words don’t come tumbling out. It feels a bit like losing, like an uphill battle, one in which we may silently utter to ourselves “what have we got ourselves into?” 

But them there is the sweetness - and the days filled with such beauty and blessing that our eyes can’t look away and our hearts can’t hold it all, so it spills over and down, covering all the hard and ugly bits- the moments we didn’t hold our tongue, when our voices rose to such a level it made our own skin crawl and we shrunk back. It covers that, 

and we let go- 

Its waking up knowing that yesterday holds nothing over today, its choosing to live each day, searching it through from sun up, till sun down for it blessings, because they are there to be found for those willing to seek, it may not always look how we thought, but its having the heart to recognize it,

That’s BRAVE.

Village Journalist, Amanda Lyon
Krystal DonovanComment