My Dearest Five Forleys,

As you read this letter and slowly inhale my words, may you absorb their unprecedented value...may you reflect on the tiny tribe of seven from which you come.  Our family is life's ultimate recipe and each of you a central ingredient.  As I watch you grow into these remarkable young beings, I pray that you take these words and stamp them in your heart, soul and mind for all of eternity.  It is my heart spilled onto paper for you. Guard it, preserve it, breathe it, know it.

Know your self worth. You were created with the striking ability to make a difference.  Wonderfully made, three of you divinely knitted in my womb, two of you knitted perfectly in your angel mommas womb then woven carefully into my heart.  Love yourself humbly, cherish your flaws graciously, honor your uniqueness fearlessly.

Know your heart.  Protect it and keep it pure.  Do not use it as your guide, but rather use it as a boundless storage space for the greatest of commandments, that which is love.  Love God first and yourself second so that you can then truly love others. Love when feelings are sweet, but more importantly, love when it is hard.  Love when it is inconvenient.  That kind of love is the greatest of loves.  That kind of heart is the greatest of hearts.

Know your soul.  This is your inner voice.  This is your intuition.  This is where your undeniable wisdom grows and your authentic joy dwells.

Know your mind.  Value your morals.  When your morales are strong, decisions will be easier to make.  Set goals and work hard to achieve them.  If you know you can do better, then do better. If you know your load is more than you can bear, pause...pray...prioritize.

Know your character.  This is your identity.  Lay faith, love, family, honesty and integrity down as the solid foundation for which to build your best self and watch as you develop through life's waves.  Handle the breaks as you do the rise and you will gain the same genuine respect in which you give to others.  Admit your mistakes, embrace your imperfections, never mix anger with cruelty and represent Jesus in all you do.

Know forgiveness.  Without it, none of the above can exist.  It is the course we take to eradicate the pain and gain ultimate peace.  Like an oyster shell dirt road, it is traveled only by the strong.  The willing.  The ones who can handle the bumps and breaks, the cracks and cuts.  The ones who see the beauty after it has been trounced.  Forgiveness is the pathway that reunites us with our laughter and our inner light.

Know your family.  We are the seed of society.  We are your steady.  We are your strength.  We are your weakness.  We are your forever.  Never close your heart to us, instead wrap it tightly around our unit and always stay close.

My sweet babes my life is a messy one. Full of blunders and qualm with occasional doses of anguish and angst. Yet with every rise, with every fall, I know this to be my little bugs, are my certain. My truth. My greatest deed.  And oh how I love you so.

Love, Mom

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