Outside the confines of our safe and cozy home stands a mountain. The first mountain in a row of mountains that travel until they slowly fade into the pale blue sky. It is on this mountain that we are able to understand the significance that our lives have in this vast world of ours. We can see our house from the top, a small yet essential spectacle among the community that suddenly seems so minuscule. And if we look outward we can see the Bay, lined with glimmering lights that tell tales of the City. Busy tales, I'm sure. Ones of speeding cars and honking horns. Of sidewalk chatter and cafe bliss. Where time is of the essence and time outs do not exist. Not like up here, no. How distinctive they are, the two places. So near yet so far.

It is on that mountain that we feel incredibly small yet magnificently powerful. As if conquering one mountain gives us the strength to trailblaze any other. And as we look upon the other mountains that stand before us, we are suddenly aware that any obstacle we may face can be overcome. As we reach the top once more we feel that familiar rush. The one that reminds us of the beauty and majestic life that strives amongst us. It's everywhere, really. If only we made the time to slow our daily lives and really see it.

It is on that mountain that we forget about things. The things that steal so many precious moments of our days. Screens and cars and debt and money. Always money. But up there life is simply simple. A place where stress is not familiar, only gratitude. Gratitude for a life we have so graciously been given. Perhaps there will come a day when those things won't matter and within the walls of our sheer life it will be bare. But it will be beautiful. Simple and beautiful.

There may not always be a mountain. Or a meadow, or a trail, or a beach. There may not always be time. But somewhere near there is a place where one can find solitude. Where one can be reminded of a life worth fighting and living for. And if you can just find the time, chances are it will be worth it. Because it is there that one will feel their soul dance. It is there that one will be illuminate.

Village Journalist,


Krystal DonovanComment