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The Ergobaby MISSION: We are dedicated to building a global community of confident parents with smart, ergonomic solutions that enable and encourage bonding between parents and babies. 

We decided, in support of our mission, to participate in The Village Magazine’s challenge by giving away 80+ Ergobaby Original Carriers in a…


We’ve all seen these moms/dads…on the bus, train, soccer field, etc. These are the parents who are often toting more than one child, struggling with child(ren) and packages/bags, etc. In fact, many of you can probably think of someone you see daily or weekly where you say to yourself, “he/she needs an Ergobaby!”

Here are some stories from our #RandomActofCarrier: 

“My neighbor, a local hairdresser, has a family member is the mother of a two year old and is expecting another baby. She is not in a position to buy an Ergo and does not have a carrier so I gave her my giveaway. As the expecting mom was not there at the time my husband snapped a photo of my neighbor receiving the carrier. It was a great opportunity to meet the neighbors.”

“I ran into this new mom (Sydney) while out at lunch today and have been carting around the carrier in my car with the hopes of running into to someone just like her. Baby Zeke is 3 months old and he already loves his new carrier!”

“My carrier went to Ms. Lindsey, a teacher at the Kihei Charter School where both my kids go to school.  Ms. Lindsey’s baby (who was just a year old) was diagnosed with kidney cancer during the last school year.  Needless to say, baby and family endured a lot as baby underwent surgery and chemotherapy.  Baby Teddy (now 2 years old) recently had a doctor’s appointment and everything is going well.  The family is planning to do some traveling soon, and the carrier will come in handy for sure.”

Ergobaby LOVED being a part of this project, and it completely made our day too, to spread the love!

The truth is I think I tried to mentally block my random act because it was a massive  #FAIL. I thought it would be nice to bring the families at Soccer practice some dinner- -a pizza party.  (Everyone loves a pizza party, right?) It was the day after a holiday (Labor Day), the first day back to school (at least for my kid), and it was one of the hottest days of the year.  It was a long day, a HOT day, and if I was too tired to cook surely other moms and dads had to feel the same way. So, I thought a pizza party would be a fun way for me to bring some "sunshine & cheer" to a group of people who I really do not know, and who really don't know me. I thought it would be a good ice breaker.  WRONG.  Two huge Costco pizzas, and only two slices were gone.  I wanted to cry. Only two kids, one mom, and one dad even acknowledged us.  I was really hurt because my son was so pumped to share food with his teammates.  Before practice and after practice he made sure to tell everyone that we brought pizza to share and to come join us for dinner.  (We had it set up--really cute-- in the back of our CRV).  I felt totally rejected.  Even worse, my son was really sad.  I wondered why no one wanted to join us or take us up on free pizza. The dad who did stop by asked me why I brought pizza.  When I told him I thought it would be fun and something nice to do for other families he seemed totally perplexed by the idea.  We drove away from practice with heavy hearts.  Our random act of kindness wasn't welcomed with open arms.  I went to bed totally bummed.  When I woke up the next morning the Lord had put something on my heart.  Maybe those families are not familiar with random acts of kindness or generosity because it's something they don't practice for fun.  Maybe that was their first time being on the receiving end of something so simple. Well...whether it was or wasn't, I am not going to let one failed act of kindness stop me from doing more.  There are so many people out there who do appreciate kindness and generosity.  And for those who don't, I hope that their walls are broken down, and they eventually feel the love of people and return that love ten fold.

Random act of kindness in my #village as part of our amazing #giveaway with @thevillagemagazine I donated $100 to @michelles__place here in Temecula towards free #mammograms in honor of my sweet friend and neighbor Sandy who just showed #breastcancer who's boss by #fightinglikeagirl and kicking it's butt please check out this amazing local resource at



Another random act of kindness was to pay it forward by paying for the next beginner yogi first month at my local #village studio @temeculayoga ✌🏻️ hope they find the love for #yoga and embrace the journey namaste.

I was so excited when @thevillagemagazine asked me to participate in their random act of kindness giveaway, and I immediately started thinking about what we could do to make a positive impact on someone's life.

My husband and I loved the idea of stamping necklaces for kids with cancer, in an effort to spread even a little bit of hope and strength. 

So, for our random act of kindness, we're giving six "♥ Beautiful" bar necklaces to six beautiful teenage cancer patients at Rady's Children Hospital.

"This lovely woman, Candelaria not only is struggling to feed her own children, but has taken in 4 more children that belong to her sister that passed away. Two of these children were severely malnourished (and the rest were moderately malnourished), but thanks to the support of many Humble Hilo customers who chose to support the Nutrition Project, they now have access to this high calorie/vitamin filled drink- which has literally saved lives.

We also had friends and neighbors from our local San Diego community donate clothing, which we brought down to this family and many others. It meant so much to them, considering all that most of them have is the clothes on their back. Talk about bringing two communities together." 


We scattered a few of our "momma you're doing great" cards around town this morning....

*Left one with the drive-thru Starbucks barista along with a gift card to give to the next mom in a minivan
*Left one with a Trader Joes cashier along with some flowers to give to the next momma with a toddler using a tiny shopping cart
*Left one in the baby aisle at Target, next to the nursing pads

All of the cards had words of encouragement written inside, and we hope they brightened up a few days!

I placed sticky notes with positive messages in random places around our small town for people to find! A few years ago, a local radio station (KSBJ) blanketed the City of Houston with Love That Sticks! These small acts of kindness were everywhere, and I will never forget the impact these sticky notes had! Continue driving KSBJ's incredible act of spreading #lovethatsticks

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