Sharing love

Divine love incarnate, my son made his presence from the beyond into my womb. Since that profound moment, a shift has allowed the space for great awakening within. Motherhood has called me to dive deep inward as I rediscover my very essence – love – and this journey with my son has shown me the greatest gift I could have ever hoped to receive- the gift of SHARING this infinite source of love from within. 

Somehow, with the passing years since my own birth, amnesia has caused me to lose sight of my essence, but looking into my sons eyes, I recognize his bright light and I am reminded of this same light within myself. I feel it pulsating through my body as I endlessly give my all to my beautiful son. My flowing milk, endless kisses and my open, warm,  loving arms are but physical manifestations of the powerful undercurrent of love that I am. 

My sons presence has given me the opportunity to remember my light. And the more I share this light with him, the more I am filled up with light and love myself... an eternal wellspring of love, cycled between us as we are present with each other. 

I do recognize that this boundless love that i am has always been right here within. It is not something that comes and goes as do thoughts and feelings. Yet this alchemy between my son and I has provided the right conditions for the gates to be opened to the free flow of pure love in raw form- unmasked and unconditioned. An unspeakably deep and unwavering trust in each other allows for the crystalline meeting of our divine love, reawakening me to my essence...and as I share all that I am with my son, my evolution into my most authentic and beautiful self continues to unfold, as an ever blossoming flower unfolding, blooming, and growing infinitely. 

Village Journalist,


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